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how to pic - balldo Instructions

Dear balldo™ Customer

The balldo™ is the first in a series of products we have designed that utilise the much-underused erogenous zone of the male scrotum. Did you know that the male scrotal sack has virtually the same amount of nerve endings as the woman’s vulva? This is because it’s essentially the same skin as the outer labia – just separated at birth as it were!

The balldo™ has been under development for three years and is now patented in the UK and patent pending internationally. The balldo™ allows the wearer and recipient to have ‘Ballsex’ and also have their first ‘Ballgasm’!

You will be one of the first to be part of the Ballsex Revolution!

balldo instructions - balldo Instructions

When fitted to a man’s scrotum, it will allow him to use his balls to penetrate his partner and release a totally new type of sexual experience and pleasure for both. The balldo™ encapsulates the balls and ‘presents’ them in a specially designed cage that allows them to be inserted and then thrusted into a vagina or anus.

Effectively your balls become a second penis, with their own unique feeling of stimulation for both the wearer and the recipient.

The cage is very soft on the outside but internally is fitted with a strong inner core which ensures that the tip and side legs stay rigid enough to easily penetrate an orifice.

Company Info

balldo™ is a brand owned by Nadgerz Inc.

Registered Office: 8 The Green, STE A Dover DE, 19901 USA


For novelty use by consenting adults only. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of this product. If any pain or discomfort occurs during use stop using the product immediately. Our products should not be used under any circumstances where any pre-existing medical conditions exist. Once any product has been opened or used it may not be returned to us under any circumstances unless it is faulty. Our maximum liability in any circumstances shall be limited to the value of the product bought from us. Compliance with laws and regulations within the user’s state or jurisdiction.